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Award Winning Producers and Song Writer

LOF Records is the home of award wining producers and song writers. Having over 7 National Nominations including Album of the year and New Artist of the year recognition. Two song of the year honors. LOFRecords is home to producer, songwriter and artist "J", Sarah Walters, SAJ and Pierce Roth, all of whom will be releasing singles by Summer of 2018.  


National and International Artist

LOF Records was established to encourage and present music that makes a difference through positive lyrical content. If your heart is in making a positive impact in music both visually and lyrically then we want to hear from you. We represent all genres of music and take pride in developing artist who are both unique and true to themselves. 


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Check us out on iTunes and our on-line store. Check out one of our studios at 316PRO.com or By clicking on the picture to the left to go there.

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